Pubblicato il 18 Marzo 2019

Tomorrow, March 19, the ESRI Geo Business Seminar 2019 will be held in Amsterdam: the annual event to learn how to apply location intelligence and how advanced spatial analysis empowers businesses to make informed decisions, enrich customer experiences, select profitable sites, and increase incremental sales.

JAKALA, leveraging on its deep expertise in Location Analytics, takes part at the ESRI Geo Business Seminar 2019 as gold sponsor, bringing in the plenary session Costa Crociere and Eolo’ s case studies.

Andrea Piardi, Head of Trade Business Development at Costa Crociere, and Riccardo Armellini, Strategic Planning Analyst at EOLO, will show how the two companies used location analytics to boost their business opportunities.

Below, Costa Crociere and EOLO’s brief abstracts:


Costa Geointelligence: worldwide strategic asset to boost sales performance

To boost its business opportunities, Costa and JAKALA developed a global location intelligence platform for main covered markets. The multi-country web tool shows POS’, Sales Activities, final Customers and other relevant POIs KPIs. It enables the possibility to identify actionable insights for micro-marketing activities, sales force effectiveness optimization, market accessibility measures (trains and flights). The project also helps HQ to improve integration between different Functions


EOLO and ArcGIS Enterprise: a partnership for growth

EOLO, in partnership with Jakala, chose to take advantage of ArcGIS Enterprise technical solutions to support business growth at different level.

At the beginning the Strategic Planning team exploited Desktop Apps to perform advanced spatial analysis, integrate data DWHs and CRM and generate geographic-aware insights.

Then EOLO decided to build several Web Apps to allow other teams to monitor organization’s KPIs and access all the contents needed to make better decisions.

In the close future EOLO field force will probably use Mobile Apps to access updated data and provide real-time technical and commercial feedbacks to the HQ, and the business analysts will manage Insights for ArcGIS to explore EOLO data.