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Unlocking insights on Media ROI: hear the difference with data-driven precision

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Published on 22 April 2024

Solutions: Communication & Media Activation, Data Strategy & Analytics, Sales & Marketing Cost Optimization
Unlocking insights on Media ROI: hear the difference with data-driven precision

Amplifon aimed to adopt a stronger and more precise data-driven approach to analyze media data and investments, focusing on their actual cost-benefit effectiveness and efficiency. In collaboration with JAKALA, Amplifon has established a comprehensive cross-country framework (EMEA and WW) to evaluate media ROI effectively, thereby guiding investment decisions with confidence.

At a glance

+305 mio €

investments analyzed over the past 3 years in various countries


variables analyzed


optimized touchpoints with redistributed investments

Context & Challenges

Amplifon, founded in Italy, is a global leader in the hearing care retail market, operating with a pure retailer business model across 25 countries. With over 11,000 points of sale and approximately 20,000 employees, Amplifon has established a significant presence worldwide. The brand maintains an extensive presence across both physical and digital media, ranging from point-of-sale materials to above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) advertising, as well as an expanding digital footprint worldwide.

With significant investment in media, the brand sought a data-driven solution to gain insights into the true impact of media on conversions and sales. This approach aims to provide actionable insights for optimizing the media portfolio and achieve the best results.

Our approach and solution

JAKALA has contributed to Amplifon's success by objectifying and rationalizing all media data sources (both online and offline). This includes: Paid Offline (Competitors, TV), Paid Digital Online (Digital), Marketing (third-party data, direct mailing, telemarketing, website, stores, new products), Brand (Funnel length, Market share, Brand awareness). JAKALA also considered exogenous factors such as the weather or the inflation, to assess their impact on final brand results, including conversion rates, appointment bookings, tests, trials, and ultimately, sales.

All this vast data wealth has been structured within different models, undergoing testing to select the one that best fits the requirements. The data was then processed to identify trends and correlations, whether positive or negative, ultimately leading to the calculation of ROI for each media channel and time period. 

Each country deliberated on media-specific business insights and evaluated existing ROI (e.g., "Paper direct mail still works" or "TV spots are fundamental for brand awareness but not for immediate conversion" or "Digital strategies need verification and reshuffling"). This process involved projecting various scenarios to inform predictive and prescriptive investment strategies.


JAKALA Analytics Suite


  • 01

    Attribution of Sales Impact to Marketing Channels for a clearer and more precise vision

    • Incremental Sales - Measure of additional sales generated due to marketing efforts
    • ROI - Ratio of net profit generated to the cost of marketing investment
    • Channel Contribution - Percentage of sales attributed to each marketing channel (e.g., TV, digital ads, print).
  • 02

    Forecasting Future Sales Performance, enabling strategic planning and budget allocation decisions

    • Sales Forecast Accuracy - Measure of how closely actual sales align with forecasted sales
    • Sensitivity Analysis - Examination of how changes in marketing variables impact future sales forecasts
    • Budget Allocation Optimization - Recommendations on how to allocate marketing budget across channels to maximize sales.

Managing a data-driven Marketing Mix Model with JAKALA has supported Amplifon to adopt a strong analytical approach in understanding the relationships between media investments and their real impact on sales and conversions”.


Cristina Re Calegari
Global Brand Media & Advertising Ass. Director - Amplifon

Cristina Re Calegari - Amplifon Global Brand Media and Advertising Ass- Director

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