Shopify Plus

The revolutionary e-commerce platform that is powerful, flexible, scalable, and secure.

Shopify, the world's leader multi-channel commerce platform, is a clear option for e-commerce development. With over 6 years of Shopify expertise, our agency provides personalized solutions based on the specific demands of your company, assuring a high-quality and efficient deployment or shift.  

Shopify Numbers

  • +20%

    Average order value

  • +30%

    YoY growth in revenue

  • 4x

    Faster checkout

Killer features


Unparalleled Scalability

Grow without limits. Our infrastructure can handle your wildest ambitions, from Black Friday surges to global expansion.


Customizable Storefronts

Craft unique, branded experiences with our customizable storefronts that reflect your brand's identity and values.


Advanced Automation

Automate time-consuming tasks and streamline operations, so you can focus on what matters most: your customers.


Robust Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and reporting tools to optimize every aspect of your business.


Global Commerce

Expand your reach effortlessly with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, conquering international markets.


Personalized Customer Journeys

Create unforgettable customer experiences with AI-driven personalization and tailored marketing strategies.

Shopify Plus added value

Regular Shopify plans offer most of the e-commerce functionality that business owners will need to run an effective shop. You can access blogs with SEO, manage transactions, create reports and modify themes to make your shop stand out.

However, there are cases where investing in Shopify Plus might make sense. For example, if you have many shops to manage, Shopify Plus may be a good choice, especially with the help of your merchant success manager.

Shopify Plus may also be the perfect fit if you:

  • Cater to a substantial international customer base and require automated currency conversion.
  • Demand specialized API integrations for custom tools and platforms.
  • Desire full control over the payment process and experience.
  • Operate with a sizable team that needs extensive access to and management of
  • Shopify's suite of tools.
  • Seek access to exclusive, premium tools and services.