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Gerflor’s successful digital transformation

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Published on 29 April 2024

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Gerflor’s successful digital transformation
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Gerflor, a leading provider of innovative and ecologically responsible flooring solutions, was undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation. The company needed a new platform that would seamlessly integrate into existing initiatives and systems and serve as a central customer touchpoint. Our collaboration resulted in a robust platform with improved page loading performance, comprehensive e-commerce functionality, anonymised personalisation, and a search-centred product catalogue successfully launched in 21 countries. 

At a glance


improved page loading performance compared to the previous platform 


websites successfully launched in 21 countries 

Context & Challenges

With over 80 years of experience in developing, producing, and marketing innovative and ecologically responsible flooring, linoleum, and wall coverings, Gerflor faced several challenges in its digital transformation. One of the biggest hurdles was the seamless integration of the new platform with existing initiatives and systems. The website was to become the primary customer contact point and needed to offer a user-friendly, reliable, and engaging user experience. In doing so, complex integrations with third-party providers such as ERP, CRM, PIM/DAM, and the Magento e-commerce system were required. Coordinating these integrations, ensuring data consistency, and managing dependencies presented significant technological challenges.  

A critical aspect was the core dependency on PIM/DAM integration. Gerflor identified its PIM/DAM system as a crucial component that challenged project schedules and coordination. Delays or difficulties in integrating the PIM/DAM system could have far-reaching impacts on the overall project and affect the user experience and overall success of the platform.  

Additionally, seamless e-commerce integration posed a technological and design challenge. It was necessary to ensure a coherent user experience between the platform and the Magento e-commerce system, requiring careful planning and coordination. 

All these challenges had to be addressed within the context of existing and parallel projects. Effective project management and optimal resource allocations were essential to the project's success and achieving the set goals. 

Our approach and solution

Given the complexity of the project and the diverse challenges, agility and comprehensive planning played a central role. We began with an extensive discovery phase to kick off the project successfully. Workshops and interviews were crucial to deeply understanding Gerflor's digital ecosystem. Based on our insights, we created a framework for our digital solutions, crafted wireframe prototypes, and defined a backlog. This holistic view allowed us to make adjustments in planning and budgeting that accounted for the identified dependencies. 

We relied on atomic design principles in the design phase and created a UI component library. This approach ensured a consistent and recognisable appearance across all touchpoints. We could flexibly respond to evolving requirements and dependencies using an agile implementation approach, ensuring a successful outcome. 

A key element of our solution was the integration of anonymised personalisation. We created tailored experiences for different customer personas by analysing user behaviour and preferences. This led to improved user engagement and higher conversion rates. 

Another important aspect was the introduction of a search-centred product catalogue. By optimising the search function and product categorisation, we allowed users to quickly and efficiently find desired products, increasing user satisfaction and reducing friction in the purchasing process. 

Through close collaboration with Gerflor's internal teams and external partners, we successfully implemented complex integrations with ERP, CRM, PIM/DAM, and the Magento e-commerce system. Careful planning, consistent communication, and an agile approach were crucial to overcoming potential blockers and ensuring a smooth project flow. By combining technological expertise, strategic planning, and agile project management, we made Gerflor's digital vision a reality and gave the company a decisive competitive edge. 


Magento E-commerce System, ERP Integration, CRM Integration, PIM/DAM Integration 


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    Improved page load performance

    Through technological improvements, we increased page loading performance by 52% compared to the previous platform. This resulted in faster loading times, lower bounce rates, and higher user satisfaction. The optimised performance significantly contributed to strengthening user engagement and improving conversion rates. 

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    Launch of 40 websites

    The new digital platform was successfully launched in 21 countries, with 40 country-specific websites. This global rollout highlights the scalability and flexibility of our solution. As a result, Gerflor has a future-proof, internationally deployable platform that enables the company to expand its digital presence and explore new markets. 

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    Comprehensive e-Commerce solution for B2B and B2C customers

    Another significant milestone was establishing a comprehensive e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C customers. Integrating the Magento system opened new revenue channels and opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction. The user-friendly interface and optimised purchasing processes contribute to growing online sales and strengthening Gerflor's market position in the digital space. 


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