Salesforce Effectiveness


Salesforce Effectiveness

Salespeople are crucial for enhancing productivity, acquiring and retaining customers, particularly when it comes to improving the performance of the second and third quartiles.

JAKALA excels at helping its clients unleash the potential of their sales teams by identifying key performance metrics, setting appropriate targets and incentives, equipping salespeople with valuable insights and tools to effectively manage customers and prospects, and optimizing the organization of the sales force to deliver enhanced customer service.

Our approach

In-depth Assessment and Diagnosis: at JAKALA, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of our client’s organization's current sales performance, processes, and structure.

This in-depth evaluation allows us to pinpoint inefficiencies, areas of improvement, size the market potential at a granular territorial level and identify untapped opportunities, serving as a foundation for tailored solutions that address our client’s unique needs.

Customized Go-To-Market Strategy Development: our team of experts collaborates closely with the client’s organization to develop a customized strategy focused on enhancing salesforce effectiveness.

By considering specific goals, market dynamics, and target audience, we craft a bespoke plan that aligns with the client’s business objectives, drives sustainable results and equips the organization with concrete tools and solutions to support the execution.

Salesforce Incentive Design and Implementation: at JAKALA, we work closely with the client’s organization to develop and implement tailored incentive schemes that motivate and engage their salesforce and are positioned to attract talent.

We design programs that reward high performance, encourage continuous improvement, and align with strategic objectives.

Territory Management and What-If Analysis: at JAKALA, we leverage advanced location intelligence and data analytics to optimize territory management, ensuring that the client’s salesforce is strategically deployed to maximize coverage and customer reach.

We conduct what-if analyses to explore various scenarios and evaluate the potential impact on sales performance, empowering the client’s organization to make informed decisions and confidently adjust sales strategy as needed.

This comprehensive approach to the territory management allows the client’s salesforce to focus efforts in the most effective way, driving productivity and overall growth.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics: we implement robust performance monitoring and analytics systems to track the progress and impact of our clients' initiatives.

This data-driven approach allows us to measure the effectiveness of the interventions, identify areas for further improvement, and ensure the client’s salesforce is consistently aligned with organization's strategic objectives.

How we can help

  • Commercial Organization Optimization
  • Salesforce Performance Improvement
  • Incentive Schemes

In today's competitive business landscape, optimizing the client’s salesforce effectiveness is crucial to drive growth and secure customer loyalty. At JAKALA, a global and innovative sales and marketing consulting firm, we empower our clients to transform their sales operations and unleash the full potential of their teams.

Our comprehensive approach focuses on three key aspects:

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    Commercial Organization Optimization

    Our strategic methodologies streamline our clients’ sales organization structure, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and effectively to serve customers. We help our clients to optimize roles, sales channels, and territories, enabling their salesforce to focus on what they do best - closing deals and fostering relationships.

  • 02

    Salesforce Performance Improvement

    JAKALA's data-driven approach identifies key performance metrics, establishes ambitious targets, and provides our clients’ salespeople with invaluable insights and tools to better manage customers and prospects. Our cutting-edge location intelligence solutions and analysis enable our clients’ team to prioritize efforts, resulting in a more productive and agile salesforce.

  • 03

    Incentive Schemes

    We design tailored incentive schemes that not only motivate our clients’ salesforce but also align with their organization's strategic goals. By rewarding high performance and encouraging continuous improvement, our incentive programs foster a competitive, yet collaborative environment that drives long-term success.

    With years of experience in maximizing the top and bottom lines for commercial organizations, JAKALA combines a rigorous data-driven approach, boosted by cutting-edge location intelligence solutions to deliver unparalleled results. Our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique challenges and strategic objectives enables us to unlock the potential of the client’s salesforce, ultimately boosting productivity and acquiring and retaining more customers.


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