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Strategic Partnerships


The content platform to build digital at scale. 

JAKALA leverages Contentful to open the door to optimized content creation and syndication. See what’s possible when aligning great digital experiences with a holistic view of your customers.

  • Future-proof your businesses against market changes
  • Drive higher returns from digital investments
  • Build and scale more efficient and effective digital experiences

Why JAKALA partners with Contentful: 

  • The Contentful Composable Content Platform scales up and down to support your content needs whenever and however you need it to.


  • The API-first platform is built to integrate into your existing tech stack, or serve as a solid platform when building out a tech stack that fits your unique needs.


  • Built-in features have been designed with collaboration and autonomous work in mind, ensuring consistently efficient time to market for any and all content types.


  • Build and extend the Contentful platform with our App Framework to customize your solution to meet your business needs.

More control to content creators. More flexibility to developers.

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More Control

Control all content from a single hub

Contentful unifies content in a single platform, centralizing content creation and empowering digital teams to maintain brand and message consistency.


Increased Effectiveness

Publish content to any channel

Contentful's approach to structured content allows enterprises to reuse content across channels, markets, and customer journeys.

Integrates with existing tools

Seamless Connections

Integrate with your existing tool stack

Contentful's industry-leading app building framework integrates with other tools in your marketing technology stack, decreasing time to market with out-of-the-box integrations and a powerful app framework for customization.



JAKALA & Contentful experts team up to provide a detailed conversation on contemporary content strategies and digital transformation, and explore cutting-edge strategies for managing content across platforms. Gain expert insights into:

☑️ The evolving nature of content
☑️ Content reusability and management systems
☑️ Content modeling and digital transformation
☑️ Technical solutions and user-centric approaches
☑️ Governance and adoption of content systems

JAKALA's 3 Dimensions of Client Empowerment with Contentful:

  • 01

    Own | Take Command

    We provide our client's teams the ability to take full control of their digital capabilities and own the solution we provide, creating immediate experience improvements and ensuring new levels of future impact.

  • 02

    Operate | Immediate Impact

    Beyond owning the framework, we ensure our clients can unleash its potential, scaling it to make the biggest impact across their current needs.

  • 03

    Optimize | Scale to the Future

    Empowering our clients with the ability to constantly optimize and improve, and make seamless updates when needed, to seize new opportunities and proactively address future needs.

Partnering to Empower Your Knowledge

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