We help clients tackle ESG challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth.

Through the utilization of data, analytics, and design, organizations can align themselves with ESG objectives, fostering long-term success and advancing progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our approach

We support our clients in identifying ESG challenges and envision ways to turn them into opportunities for sustainable growth.

Our people-centric, data-driven ESG offering addresses strategies to build inclusive organizations, responsible operations, lead internal implementations of change processes, and design external communications to engage communities and to communicate ESG achievements.

We use data and design research methods to identify opportunities and create circular value, reduction of waste and resources, build lean operations, and identify social and governance practices such as diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Through data analysis, we identify communities or regions access to infrastructure, education, healthcare allowing policymakers and other stakeholders to develop targeted interventions.

Designing research methods help predicting and addressing emerging societal issues and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, and communication programs to create reports for internal guidance and external perceptions.

We finally design products, services and systems that support end users in consumption management and relevant content for a transparent and responsible corporate perception that drives customer loyalty.

We help stakeholders to track progress towards SDGs and develop targeted interventions to accelerate progress towards achieving these ambitious goals.

By leveraging data and analytics, and by integrating strategic design processes and principles, organizations can create sustainable and responsible practices that align with ESG objectives, while also driving long-term financial success.

Objectives: Enhanced Diversity, Equity, Inclusion practice: strategy & design of implementation and assessment tools Effective Community Engagement & Communication: media and activities to address local challenges for environment or community; reports for internal guidance and external perceptions Leading Trend Analysis: predicting and addressing emerging societal issues and expectations of internal and external stakeholders

How we can help

  • Applied Innovation & Intelligent Operations
  • Adaptive & Inclusive Organisation
  • Content Development & Community Dialog
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    Applied innovation & intelligent operations

    We support our clients to integrate advanced 3D and VR technologies to accelerate product development, while also improving process optimization and waste management.

    Additionally, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to analyze and optimize dialog and conversation, our clients can enhance communication and collaboration across their organization.

    By implementing UX for sustainable use scenarios such as interaction design for energy-saving support and providing tools for end consumers, businesses can promote eco-awareness while enhancing the quality of the user experience.

    With guided and tailored technology integration our clients can streamline their operations and increase efficiency, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and profitable business model.

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    Adaptive & inclusive organization

    We help organizations to design and implement new strategies to engage agile project management, structured innovation models, and evolutionary organisational culture.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is critical for creating a healthy and inclusive workplace.

    To meet the demands of a new go-to-market that addresses Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements, businesses must develop new competences.

    We support these change processes with employee skill analysis and re-skilling programs that help identify gaps in the organization's capabilities, work with HR to attract top talent in these fields and implement ESG and DEI learning and growth journeys that integrate foster a culture of innovation and adaptability.

  • 03

    Content development & community dialog

    Trend analysis is a key tool for businesses to codify and respond to emerging societal issues and meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

    We assist our clients to create regenerative new value propositions evolving from corporate core principles that align with the changing needs and desires of their customers.

    To effectively communicate these values, we sign contents communication campaigns that engage and inform stakeholders.

    We assess social perception and ensure that ESG initiatives are aligned with its values and goals, both in actual and perceived terms.

    Finally, the design an evolution of accessible platforms is crucial to reach a broader audience and ensure that content, visuals, and development are compliant with current regulations.


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