Process Redesign & Change Management


Process Redesign & Change Management

Transformation programs are essential for addressing market challenges and ensuring competitiveness.

The success of these programs relies on optimizing processes and implementing effective change management strategies.

Our approach involves redesigning processes using a lean/design thinking methodology and employing targeted tools to eliminate inefficiencies and enhance key performance indicators such as effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Throughout the entire transformation program, we provide comprehensive support to our clients through change management initiatives, tailored trainings, and strategic communication plan.

Our approach

We support clients through entire transformation programs with change management actions, trainings and communication plans.

Based on a thorough analysis of our client's current processes and the identification of areas for improvement, we develop scalable interventions to better align processes, employee skills and corporate culture with the organization's strategic objectives.

With an in-depth, data and insight-based understanding, any change management plan will identify potential resistance, and contain strategies to mitigate those.

The implementation of new processes requires training to ensure a smooth transition, new processes are monitored to identify areas for continuous improvement and refinement over time.

An effective transformation involves stakeholders at all levels of the organization to ensure identification and individual interpretations of change processes.

Our structured and collaborative approach uses data-driven tools, utilizing metrics and analysis to guide and measure the impact of change over time.

Besides improving the performance of key processes, reducing cost and shorten cycle times, demanding ESG requirements, new energy management, and the related growing social awareness leads to new challenges in organizational frameworks and practices.

New approaches must be disseminated across the organization, as it will not be a single team or unit that drives change processes to adapt to these requirements in order to stay competitive in the markets.


  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Improved quality and consistency
  • Reduced costs and waste
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased agility and adaptability
  • ESG and DEI objectives and requirements

How we can help

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Organization & Cultural growth
  • Change Management & Training
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    Business Process Reengineering

    We help our clients address needed change processes, while focusing on company values and growth potentials in new market realities, turning challenges into opportunities.

    Our fact-based analysis, change strategies, and training programs aim to integrating new approaches and goals across an organization with organizational design techniques focusing on collaboration, communication flows and decision making.

    By enabling data and insight-based processes, we help our clients build an organization with transversal teams and information flows to infuse and disseminate new goals and processes, define clear ownerships, integrate unique qualities that reflect the core values of a company, and focus on areas in need of integrating new skills and work practices.

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    Organization & Cultural Growth

    Best results are achieved not only by building higher performance setups, but also by focusing on a culture of growth, creating a company of engaged employees.

    We define with our clients which characteristics and best practices have contributed to company success, what are the core values and how they evolved, how the company engages internally and externally to promote its core values, approaches and achievements.

    Opportunities for personal development increases engagement, retention, and employee effectiveness.

    Continuous learning inspires to actively embrace challenges instead of protecting own areas from change processes.

    Our work ranges from HR development such as onboarding processes to specific up-skilling training programs.

    Diversity, equity and inclusion goals can be drivers for innovation and new opportunities, by understanding and implementing in what way cultural and disciplinary diversity can have positive impact on the self-understanding of a team or the entire organisation, and the positive impact a variety of perspectives has on common challenges and goals.

    External factors and social change have an impact on the way we work, and we assist our clients in defining new rituals that evolved from hybrid working both synchronous and asynchronous, and which new approaches and tools enhance efficiency in these new work constellations, by reiterating principles, values and tools of a corporation.

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    Change Management & Training

    Our programs resulting from in depth analysis and collaborative growth strategy developments scale any activity by building shared understanding of core principles and goals of change processes.

    We engage big picture, systems thinking also on a local, team area in an organization to discover opportunities that remained unseen in the overall framework of an organization.

    Our interventions can range from workshops to comprehensive training programs including digital support platforms to engage and implement transitional and developmental change improving current practices, through to transformational change based on redesigned business strategies.

    We monitor and assess developments and progress, its impact on collaboration, cost and cycle time reduction, and quality objectives.

    We assist in providing leadership to disruptions, needed iterations and adaptions of change management activities.


Find out more about our services for leading companies, always people-centered and with a multi-disciplinary data-driven approach.


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