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Strategic Partnerships


JAKALA is the World's Leading Acquia Certified Partner. 

JAKALA leverages the power of Acquia's technologies to develop robust and impactful digital experiences.

A Shared History of Client Impact: 

We build engaging and impactful digital experiences atop the Acquia stack, and have more experience doing so (and Acquia certifications) than any other agency in the world.

We’ve been proud partners with Acquia since day one. Our relationship has grown every day since, as both of our organizations continue to expand our capabilities and impact we make together for our clients.

Driving Experiences. Driving Impact with Acquia.

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Defining your success


It’s impossible to reach a goal you can’t describe. Defining challenges, audiences, and goals during this phase sets the stage for success in our Build and Scale phases, and ensures you’re getting the most out of your Acquia investment.


Building for impact leveraging defined insights


Building a scalable platform is about designing, architecting, and developing solutions based on key insight from our Define phase that meets the needs of our clients’ business goals, customer needs , and technical requirements.

Integrates with existing tools

Sustained success and future growth


We help clients grow across business-critical scapes by delivering platforms that are designed to scale across departments and teams, break down organizational silos, and position you for seamless growth into the future.

A Long History of Partnership and Client Impact

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Partner Project Snapshot

WellWoman Campaign: Building For the Big Game & Beyond 

This was the largest and most successful campaign Hologic had ever done. The microsite we built was equipped to handle the immense traffic surge without faltering, while serving tailored content and experiences to capitalize on the increased traffic generated by this campaign. All this was made possible within the tight deadline by building on top of Hologic’s platform powering their broader web presence.

Partnering to Empower Your Knowledge

JAKALA Honored With 2022 Acquia Engage Award

JAKALA won the Acquia Engage Digital Scale award for its work with Hologic, Inc., an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women's health, on their groundbreaking "Well Woman'' campaign. The campaign has promoted health screenings for early detection of breast, colon, and cervical cancers; osteoporosis; and other concerning health conditions affecting women.

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Multi-Site Approach: Save, Scale, and Build Loyalty

How can an organization support thousands of websites with a small team, improve brand loyalty, and reduce inefficiencies and resource costs?

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Artificial Intelligence in Drupal

The surge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities for individuals and organizations alike. The Drupal community is no exception. This article delves into the integration of AI within Drupal, illustrating how this is reshaping the landscape of web development.

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