The new face of strategic advisory

In a world that becomes every day more digital and connected the only valid approach to business advisory is the one based on data and informed by analytics. We believe that management consulting generates real value only when it provides executable guidelines thus generating measurable impacts within our clients’ corporate perimeter and in the competitive context in which they operate.
The new face of strategic advisory


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Open to Change

There are no innovation-free industries: being open to change is an essential element to create and maintain competitive advantage. Organic growth should be driven by a constant evolution of the business model.

Speed of Execution

The speed at which competitive dynamics are changing is increasing exponentially across industries and markets. Business Advisory must be able to give immediate answers and solutions that should be quickly implemented, always with a strong orientation towards tangible results.

Data Awareness & Digital Adoption

Data, analytics and digital cannot be silos within the organization but they should be an integral part of the corporate strategy permeating all processes throughout the value chain.

CEO’s and Investors’ Agenda

  • Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

  • Business planning and business due diligence

  • Start-ups and new business model development

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Market sizing

  • Customer strategy and Customer Experience

  • Product strategy and pricing

  • B2C / B2B Commercial Excellence and Performance Improvement

Business Transformation

  • Business Model Evolution

  • Organizational Restructuring

  • Martech & Digital Transformation