Beyond e-commerce to everywhere-commerce

The world has gone digital and smart mobile devices are on the rise worldwide, thereby letting e-commerce growing fast. Today’s shoppers expect to shop anytime/anywhere, to buy every kind of product, to use whichever device or channel suits them at that moment and to be recognized and valued for their custom. So now, rather than just launching brand sites, businesses need to build e-stores.
Beyond e-commerce to everywhere-commerce


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Strategy and creativity: a winning combination

Usability and creativity highly influence impulse buying. E-commerce is indeed strictly connected to users’ emotion, since a pleasing aesthetic leads to a high degree of customer satisfaction. Creating an effective emotional design plays a vital role in delivering an ideal customer experience which in turn will improve engagement and entertainment.

Unified commerce

Managing all the sales channels from one technological platform orchestrating web, mobile and brick and mortar stores in real time, means offering consumers a unique user-friendly shopping experience no matter where, or from what device they’re shopping from.

Data Intelligence and relevant Customer Experiences

An omnichannel approach that is built on collected data throughout the buying process allows us to offer unique experiences, based on understanding and forecasting customer behavior. Real-time data gives companies a big edge in the digital era.

Operations: e-commerce’s competitive key

Most consumers expect the ability to shop seamlessly across channels, breaking down the geographic barriers. Therefore, a successful eCommerce must be based on a new product management (and its purchase funnel) that is consistent with all the touchpoints and optimized by data and technology.


  • Business strategy & plan

  • Processes and IT landscape assessment

  • Digital roadmap design

  • Change management

  • Cloud and security consulting

  • SW solution assessment and advisory

  • RFP advisory

  • Continuous support

  • Customer monetization strategy


  • Art direction

  • Communication strategy

  • Digital Marketing strategy

  • User Experience & User Interface

  • Campaign production

  • Content production and channel contextualization

  • Content creation & management

  • Web marketing campaign management


  • Project architecture design

  • System integration landscape design and feasibility

  • Master data definition

  • System configuration

  • Solution and software development

  • Project implementation

  • Bespoke solutions development

  • Leading by innovation project


  • Outsourcing function’s definition

  • Partners’ identification and engagement

  • Full stack outsourcing service on request

  • Temporary management

  • Store management

  • Support on customer monetization activities

  • Conversion rate optimization