Technology for marketing & communication

The ever-evolving nature of the interactions between brands and customers presents a new challenge to today’s marketers: omnichannel strategies, real-time feedbacks, conversational interactions and personalization are indeed key success factors. As a result, marketing must become a technology-powered discipline and prompt companies to adopt agile marketing models where technology guarantees agility, consistency, scalability and automation.
Technology for marketing & communication


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Data Capturing & Usage Challenge

In order to guarantee relevant and contextual relationships with their prospects and customers, companies must know how to capture data and how to effectively analyze, use and protect it.

Full Funnel Approach

Paid, owned and earned media must converge in a unique and integrated ecosystem of touchpoints aimed at generating relevant, sequential and contextual interactions without overlapping and diluting communications.

Modern & Integrated Marketing Stack

When Martech and Adtech become one with a company’s corporate legacy, it properly responds to business objectives, consumer expectations, and fulfils the essential need for flexibility and adaptability.

People Skills

Modern marketers must not only continue to have creative communication skills, but also be analytical, technological, design-oriented, and use a flexible approach that adapts to market changes.

Martech & Adtech Advisory

We create outstanding tech stacks designed on our clients’ business needs and the existing tech environment.

Martech & Adtech Configuration

We first identify the most suitable tech partners; then we integrate the appropriate solutions and configure the tools to be ready for use.

Martech & Adtech Activation

We activate all the implemented technologies either through outsourcing or by guiding the hand-over of the project to clients.

Martech & Adtech Training

We make our clients independent in the use of technologies to accelerate time to market. We train our clients on the ground to make learning concrete and more effective.