B2b loyalty marketing

In today’s context, sales channels, whether they are direct or indirect, physical or digital, are key levers to achieving sales performances. As a result, companies must retain their top sales performers and make sure their sales activities are always in line with the commercial goals setting.
B2b loyalty marketing


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Omnichannel engagement

Sales channel engagement drives the development of partners’ commercial potential and strengthens their loyalty across all the touchpoints (websites, apps, events …).

Custom goals

Creating customized objectives by using data analytics becomes an essential force in making engagement effective and maximizing its potential.

Engagement by design

Companies must understand that experience design and gamification are closely linked: Incorporating well-chosen gaming features into products and services enables designers to provide better user experience and helps them in improving conversion rates too.

Delight & Surprise

The engagement contents, whether they are physical rewards, experiences or digital vouchers, must amaze, attract and satisfy customers different targets. A structured and consistent approach ensures effective content management and its continuous updating.

Time to market

The launch of a new sales channel engagement program must be enabled by best of breed and ready to use technologies, which can be easily integrated with the technological solutions already available.

Preliminary Assessment

  • Business Objectives

  • Data Assessment

  • Technology Assessment

  • Organizational assessment

  • Legal Assessment

Incentive Scheme

  • Incentive Scheme & Mechanics

  • Rewards System

  • Business Case

  • Canvas and promotion design

Rewards & Delights

  • Physical Rewards

  • Experiential Delights

  • Omnichannel Voucher

  • Partners Management

Digital Asset & Gamification

  • Concept & Branding

  • Gamification

  • Apps & Websites

  • Challenges & Competition

  • Initiatives Calendar

Interaction Plan & Contact Policy

  • Interaction Calendar

  • Contact Policy

  • Digital Assets

  • Journey Building

  • Campaign Execution

Analtyics & Attribution

  • Budget monitoring

  • Reporting

Technology Readiness

  • Technology Assessment

  • Architecture Design

  • Proprietary Jakala Engagement Cloud configuration

  • System Integration

  • Maintenance

Loyalty Outsourcing & Management

  • Program Management

  • Partners Management

  • Legal Management

  • Customer Care Management

  • Analytics Management

  • Campaign Management