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Mandee Englert

Mandee joined the JAKALA team in 2022 after six years serving as Director of Digital Strategy at Penn State.

Mandee focuses on website strategy and brings her expertise in website analytics, user experience research, redesign road-mapping, content optimization, and documentation and training to every project.

During her tenure at Penn State, Mandee played a key role in leading major redesigns: the university's root website, the news website, and the 20 commonwealth campus websites. 

Noteworthy accomplishments as Higher Education leader:

  • 3 Time Penn State Univ award winner for innovation (2017), and team collaboration (2019, 2020)
  • PSU: Led the root domain redesign and replatform effort (won Webby Award honor)
  • PSU: Worked with a small core team to replatform, redesign and create content strategies for the University news and events platform
  • PSU: Created the digital strategy used to upgrade and redesign Commonwealth Campus websites (21) using the University design system

Mandee's Topics of Expertise

Mandee is one of our most prolific and knowledgeable expert speakers. She uniquely taps into her prior experience as a strategic thought-leader at Penn State focused on website strategy and optimization.

Mandee brings her expertise in website analytics, user experience research, redesign roadmapping and content optimization to every presentation and Higher Education client engagement she works on.


Multi-Site Management

Increasing efficiencies and controlling the chaos of managing many different websites and digital tools.


Design & UX consistency across all touchpoints

Ensuring a consistent (and centrally controllable) digital experience for all types of an institution's audiences.


Optimization Roadmapping

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Marketing Technology Requirement Assessment

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Strategies for Stakeholder Consensus

Proven strategies to help align all stakeholders towards a unified goal of digital success, accelerating progress.

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Higher Education industry affiliations:

  • Council for Advancement and Support of Education 
  • HighEdWeb Association
  • Big Ten Plus News & Marketing
  • Drupal Higher Education Slack Group 
  • Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing 
  • Featured Presenter: EduWeb, HighEdWeb, Acquia D-Zone, DrupalCon, Higher Ed User Group (HEUG) Alliance


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Mandee's speaking appearance fee is negotiable, and is based on level of preparation needed.

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3 Reasons Why Discovery is Imperative For Your Next Redesign Project

Mandee shares how when the discovery phase is prioritized in the process, a redesign can improve how audiences experience the website and the brand overall.

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Mastering Consistency - Expanding content across multiple sites & touchpoints

Mandee Engert discusses key insights about the landscape of multi-channel marketing, emphasizing the need for organizations to adapt their content to various platforms while maintaining a unified brand voice.

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