Jakala has helped a world leader in gases, technologies and services transform its current Customer Experience into a customer-centric model able to optimize the control of customers’ interactions, enhance the customer acquisition process across all managed channels/touchpoints and increase sales through the development of customer value.


Interviews with internal and external stakeholders to identify critical areas

Gap analysis and benchmark

Design of the Customer Experience model

Identification of areas of intervention and strategic and tactical roadmap definition

Support to internal communication for the sharing of the new vision


Overview of the current customer experience

Detailed mapping of the processes that impact on customer experience and the available touchpoints

Evolution of the customer experience model

Design of the new Customer Experience model in terms of processes, touchpoints and support systems starting from the areas of improvement identified

Strategic plan in short and medium-long period

Identification and prioritization of key improvement interventions in order to design a short-term “tactical” Action Plan (quick win) and a medium-long term strategic roadmap

Diffusion of "customer culture"

Identification of organizational impacts and support to internal communication and events organization