Jakala has helped a famous Italian fashion brand to enable a 360° view on the final client integrating the social channels and enriching the consumer’s profile, to activate a campaign management tool that can both orchestrate the contact activities among different touchpoints and monitor KPIs (such as ROI), and to exploit advanced analytics models to predict clients’ behaviours.



AS-IS model interaction assessment

Luxury Observatory benchmark analysis

Contact strategy and operative model design

Analysis and insights generation on the final client

Clients’ behavioural segmentation

Omnichannel campaigns plan activation

Stable results’ measurement


Governance & Lean Management

-30% on the time to market for the marketing activities


360° overview on the clients, both offline and online (social networks included)

Efficiency and engagement

Increase the marketing campaigns to enhance the clients and prospects’ engagement

Sales’ boost of offline channels

Growing contribution of the marketing activities on the brand’s sales through the retail channel thanks to a push strategy on the interactions between the sales assistant and the final client


redemption and ROI analysis