Jakala has supported the largest Italian cruise company in the segmentation of travel agencies (TA) according to their potential and the management relationship models towards Costa and their customers in order to optimize investments and performances leveraging on incentive plans and service model offered.


Statistical and geo-statistical models processing based on turnover estimate and TA potential

TAs “Behavioral” segmentation based on type of customers reached and business approach used

Development of a new service model differentiated according to Advs segments

Data and KPI integration within a Geo-Intelligence tool



Construction of an ID Card for each TA aimed at generating an in-depth knowledge of the Italian distribution landscape (integration of data from internal and external sources and resulting creation of a DataMart with approximately 90 KPIs available at the TA level).

Tailor-made B2B strategy

Creation of a group of services differentiated on the basis of the TAs potential and their individual needs, leveraging on the most innovative approach in the industry.

Sustainability analysis of the service model

Economic analysis of the service model created to guarantee its sustainability according to the available budget and resources (also at an organizational level).

Trade channel results optimization

Optimization of investments and development of the highest-potential TA performances (YoY turnover increase: + 14%).