Jakala has supported some of the leading insurance companies in improving territory coverage by providing companies and agents with a tool for guiding their development (recruitment of agents for the company, recruitment of agents for agencies) and assess the Agencies territory potential to define targeted action plans and differentiate incentive programs.


Development of the geomarketing system based on supply of software, databases and micro-territorial maps and training

Evaluation of the territory potential and competitive pressure of each agency

Segmentation of the agencies into homogeneous groups based on territory potential resulting from geostatistical models

Agencies benchmarking and identification of the opportunities for improvement

Industrialization of the procedures for updating the agency and tableau de bord cards within the geomarketing system


Territorial analysis

Development of a geo-marketing platform allowing performing territorial analysis and enriching the available information assets for the development of advanced analytics models


Equipotential segmentation of agencies and operational guidelines to define targeted action plans