Corporate Welfare: a growing phenomenon

Recent regulatory changes have considerably speeded up welfare programs development, thereby turning them into a powerful lever driving big organizational changes. Offering employees perks has become a critical strategy for organizations competing for talent. Companies must go beyond traditional one-size-fits-all perks and offer personalized and meaningful benefits that solve for unique employee needs.
Corporate Welfare: a growing phenomenon


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Employalty: how to engage your employees?

Employees engagement is key to successful welfare programs. Introducing a new «Digital Employee Experience» powered by a corporate welfare platform is something that most companies have not yet considered.

How to create true value for employees?

Standard services, based on generic needs, discourage employees from taking advantage of corporate perks, and reduce conversion rates. Instead, offering customized services and contents based on individual needs guarantees employees greater independence.

What’s the best way to offer user-friendly services and solutions?

The digital revolution has forever changed the way people buy products and services. Welfare programs follow the same revolutionary approach, for this reason multi-channel experiences and ease of use are at the core of successful corporate initiatives.

How to overcome gaps in communication?

Ineffective communication often leads to lower than expected engagement rates. Providing corporate platforms with functions that show offers easily, and developing a constant and non-invasive communication plan allow employees to get engaged and informed.

Flexible benefit

Modular and customized multi-channel platform offering a wide range of services and experiences that allow each employee to build his or her own personalized perks according to their needs.

People engagement

Leveraging on onboarding strategies, content profiling and digital gamification, we encourage employees to access their welfare platform more often, thereby creating a sense of community and increasing their productivity.

Voucher promoshopping

Welfare vouchers (based on variable amount), accepted online and in over 4.500 stores across Italy. Employees can use vouchers immediately.