Outsourcing for a competitive edge

In a context where data, technology, automation and storytelling converge, marketers’ skills also evolve quickly to become more hybrid. It is therefore essential for organizations to have external partners that support and accelerate change, by integrating internal team with profiles of excellence, vertical to the new skills required.
Outsourcing for a competitive edge


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Data people

Organizations have high volumes of data, but they still have problems when it comes to data analysis and activation phases because of the lack of technical profiles, such as data architects, data analysts, data engineers and data scientists.


Designing CRM or CVM strategies and managing them over time, requires specific analytical, technical and operational skills with a strong focus on measurable results.

Loyalty and engagement

The effectiveness of an engagement or loyalty program requires a team with vertical skills that include commercial acumen, data-orientation, storytelling, partnership management, legal knowledge and continuous innovation attitude.


Organizations must be flexible and agile, and have an effective martech & adtech structure leveraging on job profiles that are difficult to find on the market, such as technology advisors, technology architects e developers.

Analytics as a service

We manage third-party data in outsourcing:

  • Data strategy

  • Data architecture

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Data enrichment & augmentation

  • Data monetization services

  • Reporting

CRM as a service

We outsource CRM & CVM strategies:

  • Interaction plan

  • Contact Policy

  • Targeting

  • Content production

  • Marketing automation activation

  • Reporting & Campaign Evaluation

Loyalty programs as a service

We outsource loyalty and engagement programs

  • Concept generation

  • Loyalty scheme design

  • Rewards Strategy

  • Creativity and content generation

  • Partners Management

  • Legal Management

  • Reporting

Technology as a service

We outsource the activities of ICT related to the world of Martech & Adtech

  • Tech assessment

  • Architecture Design

  • Vendor Selection

  • System integration

  • Configuration