Operating in a new economical context

The rapid evolution of business scenarios transforms technology into a strategic change enabler. The fast and ever-evolving technological innovation invests all company processes across infrastructures, architectures, integration platforms and applications.
Operating in a new economical context


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Strategic support

The role of the systems integrator is changing. Companies need strategic partners able to produce results, by standardizing project management processes, policies and methodologies and making them more flexible and better suited to customer best practices.

Differentiated approach

In a complex technological context, companies must count on partners able to provide best of breed market solutions that respond promptly to different customer needs, rather than adopting less performing all-in-one solutions.

Effective implementation

The right partner must define and design the architectures the most suitable for the operating context taking into consideration clients’ needs and potential constraints (architectural, application, functional).

End-to-end solutions

The proactive monitoring and support of business initiatives in all phases of the transformation process is fundamental: the ultimate goal is to achieve a complete monitoring and management process of all the interactions between consumers and retailers.

IT Advisory

We support our customers in getting the most out of Information Technology, ensuring their IT environment is in line with the business objectives.


We use hybrid methodologies and approaches in all projects we deliver and help companies’ teams that are involved in the projects by offering ongoing support throughout the process.

Solution architect

We design architectural solutions and define technological stacks that are consistent with standardized principles and guidelines, offering a bridge between IT and Business units.

Business intelligence

We transform data into powerful and actionable insights leveraging on tailored reporting, predictive models and statistical analysis, thereby letting companies to develop the most profitable strategies.

Customer management experience

We improve the customer experience by tracking, organizing and analyzing in detail every interaction between the consumer and the partner organization, throughout all the stages of the customer life cycle, from engagement to loyalty.

Data management

We build big data and legacy infrastructures (IaaS, PaaS) and develop and implement policies and procedures for the appropriate management of the entire data life cycle.