Pubblicato il 17 December 2020

Jakala is included in the panel of 41 companies with a turnover from under $25 to over $75 million, which operate as a tech, service and hybrid provider offering BTC loyalty and marketing services.

The global research company, analysing the changes generated by technology and their impact on society and final consumers, has released the report  ‘Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 – Tools And Technology: The Customer Loyalty Playbook’ selecting a diverse set of loyalty marketing providers at international level that vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus.

As consumer expectations rise, so do the stakes for brands. Indeed, businessess need to invest in designing campaigns capable of engaging, retaining, and winning new customers.

According to the report, a solid data-driven strategy the aims to analysing, integrating, and tracking every individual journey and offering a targeted communication is crucial to improve brand-customer relationship.

Competing in today’s market scenario means knowing customers and delivering personalised solutions as customers are increasingly disloyal. This is why, data-driven marketing offers industry leaders the opportunity to increase their market growth while shaping customer satisfaction.

Jakala is an Italian MARTECH COMPANY, helping clients to improve their marketing and sales performance with measurable impact on their TOP LINE, combining Data, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Technologies, Contents and Experience Design. Jakala analyses the needs and passions of consumers to design and implement new engagement models that can make each phase of the customer journey more captivating.


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