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Tech Quality Engineering


Tech Quality Engineering

While a codebase may function, it may not always be designed with the utmost care to guarantee compliance, security, and scalability.

At our company, we go beyond mere functionality by subjecting your codebase to rigorous testing against coding best practices, regulatory requirements and we assist in enhancing a hihgly scalable performance.

Our approach

There is more in quality assurance than in human acceptance or in the execution of endless lists of tests.

It is a process that starts with the analysis phase and outlives the release in production, through retrospective and improvement.

Our ISTQB-certified engineers can help you identify and design the best QA strategy for your product / project.

We can also support your business by testing your codebase against coding best practices, security (OWASP) and regulatory (GDPR) requirements, and we can help you to tune-up the performances through stress and load tests.

Whenever required, we can make your tests repeatable via automation, because your time is valuable. 

How we can help

  • Quality Design
  • Customer Experience Evaluation
  • Regulatory Compliance Evaluation
  • Test Automation
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    Quality Design

    Quality should be addressed from the very beginning. We can help our clients choose the best strategy to achieve it.

  • 02

    Customer Experience Evaluation

    Nowadays, contents are consumed via many different devices. Ensure a smooth experience on each one, by having it carefully tested by our experts.

  • 03

    Regulatory Compliance Evaluation

    Protect our clients’ customer's data is mandatory, no need to tell. Our engineers can help them to achieve security-by-design and security-by-default.

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    Test Automation

    Your time is valuable. Avoid repeating technical tests by automating them.


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