Digital Strategy - the evolving business approach

The technological shift has brought with it consumers who are always connected, and non-linear customer journeys that are affected by a multitude of touchpoints.

Therefore, companies must stay relevant and create personalized and contextual interactions along each phase of the funnel by taking on a data-driven approach integrated with owned, paid and earned media.
Digital Strategy - the evolving business approach


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Data activation

Data is a strategic asset for companies. It must be collected by overcoming silos; analyzed to generate insight; distributed within the organization; used and protected to create significant interactions between companies and consumers and keep them a step ahead of the competition.

Full funnel approach

An intertwined Upper & Lower Funnel approach has become an effective way of reaching goals and promoting efficiency, guaranteeing relevant experiences for consumers, and increasing marketing ROI for companies. Paid and owned media works in conjunction with data insights and enables fluid, integrated and circular marketing ecosystems.


Orchestration between multiple sales channels and AI-based campaign automation and optimization processes drive marketing towards being more effective and efficient, which relieves marketing operations from having to deal with low-value assignments.

KPI driven marketing

Measuring campaigns agnostically and holistically allows paid and owned initiatives to be progressively optimized. That also makes marketers aware of how specific elements affect the marketing mix, and allows for efficiency.

Checkup & research

  • Data Exploration

  • Data augmentation

  • Data blending

  • Advanced Segmentation

  • Audience generation

  • Journey analysis

Full Funnel Strategy

  • Acquisition Strategy

  • Development Strategy

  • Retention Strategy

  • Data driven customer experience

  • Data driven content generation

Technology Activation

  • Web analytics, tag management & Bi tool

  • CRM integration with DMP

  • Dsp & Adserving

  • E-commerce, Dam & Pim

  • Marketing Automation

  • Data lake

  • CMS & experience manager

Measurement & Attribution

  • Continuous optimization

  • Dashboarding

  • Holistic Attribution Modeling

  • Creativity impact measurement

  • Marketing ROI measurement & optimization