Beyond traditional loyalty programs

Points collection and discounts are no longer enough to guarantee consumer loyalty to the brand. They expect special experiences and exclusive contents. The brands must therefore go beyond the traditional reward system, which now only involves the Marketing department. Thanks to the Engagement Cloud, companies can face today’s customer engagement challenges, by responding to new market needs.
Beyond traditional loyalty programs


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

Customization and Privacy: making the two go hand in hand

Technology allows companies to get to know their customers with an unprecedented level of detail. However, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the privacy of their personal data and information about their purchase: data collection practices have become a concrete and significant issue.

Digital or physical: what’s the best combination to have an effective engagement strategy?

E-commerce or physical stores, tangible rewards or digital benefits, real or virtual experiences? This is the duality marketers have to deal whit when develop consumer engagement strategies.

Unique customer view: which sales channels should be uses and which data should be collected?

The consumer interacts with a brand across multiple offline and online channels. Companies must therefore tap the information generated by the interaction between customers and touchpoints in order to effectively monitor the customer journey and personalize each phase of the customer life cycle.

Short term vs. long term: can the two coexist?

The competitive scenario requires companies to implement initiatives aimed at getting quick returns on their investments. On the other hand, following through with long-term strategies shouldn’t be any less important since it allows brands to build lasting relationships with consumers.