Current trends, the driving force

Trends are the linchpins on which we build the projects intended for adult consumers. From the green economy to sports at home, sustainable cooking and do-it-yourself, to name a few, every year we study the most relevant market trends to create tailor-made projects for brands which are highly requested by the final consumer.
Current trends, the driving force

The challenges

The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market

Innovative design management

Creativity, engineering and production are the linchpins of an effective strategic approach for our innovative offer that creates added value for consumers.

Engaging and original reward programmes

Consumers are always looking for new and engaging content. Analysing market trends and focusing on the consumers’ interest ensures the creation of exciting campaigns that involve the audience and stimulate their imagination.

Development of a specific communication strategy

Specific activities together with the use of dedicated channels and technologies amplify the effectiveness of the campaign, stimulating consumer interest in a targeted and engaging way.

Production and supply chain management

Reducing delivery times, optimising the warehouse stock, tracking shipments and items, managing and expediting quality control – being able to tackle all these challenges effectively gives brands a competitive edge in the market.

Product design

We design innovative products and we manage the entire development process, from prototyping to production, creating unique products for children.


We constantly monitor the production process to ensure excellent quality and service standards, while complying with delivery times.

Quality control

We take risk prevention measures and we implement production control systems to ensure the highest quality standards and compliance with current regulations.


We offer the most efficient transport and storage solutions, tailoring our service to each country in which we operate.

Point of sale

We design communication strategies tailored to different points of sale aimed at promoting our marketing campaigns and increasing consumer engagement

Digital marketing

We develop and implement digital communication strategies based on geolocation and smart data to target the best customers, at the best time, in the best place.