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Putting an icon into perspective

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Published on April 2, 2024

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Putting an icon into perspective

Leica Camera AG, an international manufacturer of premium cameras and sports optics devices, faced the challenge of a complete migration of their website from an older CMS with deep integration of PIM and e-commerce solutions.

We have revamped Leica Camera's web presence and developed an intuitive, simple, and efficient product and interface. Through our collaboration, the company now has a stable, scalable, and extensible application.

At a glance


times faster loading times 


more stable system


faster sync between PIM and CMS 

Context & Challenges

Leica Camera AG, founded in 1869 in Germany, is an international manufacturer of cameras and sports optics devices in the premium segment. The brand's legendary status is based on a long tradition of excellence in the construction of lenses and optical devices. 

The company faced the challenge of completely migrating its website from an older Content Management System (CMS) that was deeply integrated with PIM and e-commerce solutions. The goal of the project was to relaunch as a modern website for brand and product communication.

The existing infrastructure was outdated and did not offer the necessary flexibility and scalability to meet the company's growing requirements. Leica needed a future-proof solution that enables seamless integration of various systems while providing an intuitive user experience. Furthermore, it was important for Leica to create an immersive product presentation for their new flagship product, the M11 camera. The migration and relaunch of the website had to be carried out under high time pressure to meet the M11's market launch date. Leica needed a reliable partner who was able to realize the project efficiently while ensuring the highest quality standards. 

Our approach and solution

Our collaboration with Leica Camera began with planning the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and creating a backlog. We conducted extensive audits and advised the company on technical issues to establish a solid foundation for the project. In the area of user experience and user interface design, we were able to contribute our expertise to optimize and refine the design processes, with the aim of expressing the aspirations and vision of the Leica brand in the final product.

The technical implementation was based on Drupal, a powerful and flexible content management system. A highlight of the project was the development of an interactive scrollytelling page for the product presentation of the M11 camera. By using innovative technologies and creative design elements, we have created an immersive experience that immerses visitors in the world of the M11 and presents the unique features of the camera in a captivating way.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with the Leica team and adapted our approach to the changing requirements. Through regular communication and transparent processes, we were able to effectively overcome challenges and successfully complete the project despite the tight schedule.

As a result of our collaboration so far, Leica Camera now has a modern, high-performance website that delivers on the brand promise and offers a compelling user experience. However, this achievement does not represent the end of the project, but rather a milestone in the ongoing collaboration. 



Drupal, Pimcore, ElasticSearch, Shopware Integration, AWS. 


  • 01

    Faster loading times

    A significant success of the project is reflected in the drastic improvement of loading times. By optimizing the infrastructure and backend, we were able to reduce loading times by a factor of three. Visitors to the website now benefit from a significantly faster and smoother user experience, which has a positive impact on the interaction with the brand. 

  • 02

    More stable system

    Furthermore, we have managed to increase the stability of the system by 80%. By using modern technologies and proven practices, we have created a robust and reliable infrastructure that delivers consistent performance even under high load. For Leica, this means increased website availability and a reduced risk of downtime or performance issues.

  • 03

    Faster sync between PIM and CMS

    Another important aspect is the improved synchronization between the Product Information Management (PIM) and the Content Management System (CMS). Through seamless integration, we were able to increase the synchronization speed by an impressive 300%. This enables Leica to update product information faster and more efficiently and keep it consistent across all channels. 

"Demanding projects require dedicated teams that are fully committed. Our collaboration has demanded a lot of concentration and energy from us, and I greatly appreciate the efforts of the entire team across all departments."

Thomas Haustein
Head of Platform, Leica Camera AG


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