The evolution of the automotive industry

In recent years, the automotive industry has been through some major changes in terms of customer experience. In order to face the growing competition and establish a long-term relationship with their customers, companies have started to adopt innovative go-to-market strategies able to engage customers from their first interaction with the brand until after-sale interactions.
The evolution of the automotive industry


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

How do relationships with customers evolve in the digital age?

In today’s world, customers interact with a brand in many ways and across different channels: every touchpoint is essential to the customer journey. A customer-centric approach will allow businesses to identify which phase of the journey is able to influence the most the customer buying decision.

How to take advantage of information collected through the IoT of connected mobility?

Data collected with IoT technologies represent a great opportunity: connected mobility enables the collection of big data useful for building customers’ predictive models in terms of behaviors and habits. IoT-based data collection will help companies to effectively provide customers with customized offers based on their needs and desires.

Which is the best way to manage multiple touchpoints and communication channels?

The design of a multichannel contact strategy, with the use of cutting-edge technological solutions, enables brands to differentiate their initiatives by detecting each individual’s profile, behaviors and characteristics; this approach will help maximize the ROI.

How to improve sales opportunities for physical networks?

Analyzing the market potential of each store at a micro-territorial level, customers profile, footfall, and competitor offerings, enables companies to implement their go-to-market strategies.

Business advisory services

We support our clients in the development of effective strategies aimed at unleashing their full growth potential.

Data & analytics

We adopt a bottom-up approach when defining a strategy: our strategic intuition is always supported by advanced analyses and data.


We support our clients in the implementation of the strategy and business solutions we design for them.

CRM strategy

  • Acquisition process optimization and customers / prospects management

  • Customer Journey planning

  • Targeted campaign optimization

  • Definition and activation of multichannel customer journeys

  • Omnichannel orchestration

Customer engagement

  • Engagement strategies and targeted actions for building long-lasting relationships with


  • Creation of innovative incentive mechanisms and exit barriers that drives customer loyalty

  • Gamification actions, social sharing and reward programs

Advanced & digital analytics

  • Customer segmentation and customer behavior prediction with the use of customer analytics

  • Improved online channel performance (UX and form optimization, digital media spending optimization, online funnel management)

  • Network development

  • Knowledge and use of the territorial potential by differentiating each strategy by areas and objectives

  • Geoanalytics desktop and web tools: customizable advanced geostatistical analysis tools

In-store and digital CEX improvement

  • Point of sale or digital touchpoints mystery

  • AS IS mapping of touchpoints

  • Best practices cross-industry and market identification

  • Strategy design and evolutionary roadmaps

Customer club

  • Exclusive Club design that reinforces the brand identity and customer loyalty

  • Physical rewards and digital vouchers that add core value to customers

  • Engagement platform and gamification

Incentive systems and support for dealers

  • B2B incentive and commercial programs that ensure high performance and increase motivation

  • Additional rewards that help increase the perceived value of offers

  • The development of customized merchandising

Salesforce effectiveness

  • Redefinition of the business asset to let operations become more efficient

  • Resizing of resources and commercial areas

  • KPI design and incentive systems

  • Process optimization and change management development

  • Market and cross-industry benchmarks

  • Quantitative and qualitative benchmark of competitors

  • Benchmarks for identifying innovative solutions from other industries

  • Design and planning of initiatives aimed at recovering the performance gap with competitors

End-to-end CRM system



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