Energy & Utilities transformation

The Energy & Utilities industry is dealing with some major changes.

The electric and sustainable mobility, and the progressive digitalization of both homes (smart homes) and cities, are just some of the challenges that brands will have to face. Companies are now getting ready to change their role in the market, and go beyond from being traditional commodity suppliers to become real solutions providers.
Energy & Utilities transformation


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

How to manage the end of a protected market?

The price-protected regime era is coming to an end in the electric and gas industries. It is time for companies to rethink their offer and provide a superior customer experience able to speed up customers’ onboarding process.

How to become a customer-centric organization?

The offer is based on undifferentiated core products. For this reason, companies must focus and rely on their services to develop a competitive advantage. It is essential to rethink their marketing and customer loyalty initiatives and turn users into real customers.

How to increase revenues in a highly regulated market?

The commodity market is now mature, and companies are seeking for new sources of revenue-stream. The main players of the industry are now selling new “downstream” products as a primary alternative, and this requires the creation of dedicated business units.

How to face digital transformation?

Digitalization represents a great opportunity for transformation. To seize this opportunity, companies must diversify their product range and simplify their business processes in order to reduce costs.

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