The evolution of the consumer electronics industry

In recent years, the consumer electronics industry has been facing some major changes, such as new players in the market, new innovative products and a constant evolution in the relationship between brands and consumers. Therefore, it is now important to offer customers exclusive and engaging contents in line with their needs and able to turn them into real brand ambassadors.
The evolution of the consumer electronics industry


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

How to acquire new customers and establish a lasting relationship?

There is now a growing demand of high-end technologies at a higher average price. Therefore, it is now necessary to engage this new typology of customers with cutting-edge solutions that focus on value-added services.

How to improve cross-selling performances?

Customers are going through a digital transformation. In order to fully engage with customers and improve all cross-selling performances, it is now essential to guide the consumer through the experiential journey by offering complementary products.

How to involve trade marketing?

Retail-industry collaboration is a hot topic. By engaging retailers through targeted programs, that help them understand customer needs and how to provide the best customer experience, their conversion rates increase.

How to establish personalized and real-time relationships with customers?

With a dynamic customer segmentation and with higher content personalization, it is possible to establish one-to-one relationships with customers and, therefore, offer unique brand experiences, tailored on each single customer’s need.

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