The evolution of financial institutions

In the past decade, the banking and insurance industry has experienced a big shift in terms of locations, key players, products and interaction with customers. As a result, all financial institutions are pursuing the need for innovation, not only in terms of product offer, but also in terms of customer engagement. Offering consistent and unique experiences will help financial institutions emotionally engage with customers beyond the store.
The evolution of financial institutions


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

How to acquire new customers?

The growing competition, in addition to the expanding customer base, has led banks to identify smarter and immediate engagement initiatives not only to acquire new clients, but also to establish a long-lasting relationship.

How to increase customer value in an innovative way?

Digital transformation, in addition to the mature use of Big Data, has led financial institutions to build relationships with customers not only based on their core offer, but also on their value-added services.

How to innovate the banking business model?

Banks are nowadays facing a new challenge: in order to effectively communicate with the target customers, they must convert their assets into more innovative tools.

How to improve cross-selling performances?

Building modular engagement solutions based not only on transactions, but also on customer insights, allows financial institutions to guide their customers through a seamless journey that increases their value over time.

Business advisory services

We support our clients in the development of effective strategies aimed at unleashing their full growth potential.

Data & analytics

We adopt a bottom-up approach when defining a strategy: our strategic intuition is always supported by advanced analyses and data.


We support our clients in the implementation of the strategy and business solutions we design for them.

Consumer development

  • Acquisition campaigns

  • Conversion funnel design

  • Digital marketing & analytics

  • Onboarding

  • Predictive acquisition models

  • Identification of engagement plans

  • Definition of business case aimed at designing customer loyalty strategies

  • Customer loyalty campaign management

  • Designing of models aimed at maximizing cross-selling initiatives

Consumer retention

  • Definition of anti-churn predictive models

  • Design of engagement models to anticipate customer abandonment

  • Definition and management of retention models and strategies

Branch optimization

  • Redevelopment of regional offices

  • Identification of predictive models able to maximize the performance over the territory

Digital sales boost

  • Design and management of campaigns aimed at maximizing the salesforce performance

  • Definition and implementation of performance monitoring models

Cross channel engagement

  • Cross-channel campaigns

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