Digitalization and new buying behaviours

The market is facing major changes: large-scale retailers need to go beyond quality and convenience, and embrace consumers’ sustainable consumption desire. The change in the consumer’s buying behaviour, which takes place across multiple channels, has led large-scale retailers to compete with major online stores.
Digitalization and new buying behaviours


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

What are the new parameters of an effective loyalty campaign?

An effective customer loyalty campaign must be simple, engaging and offer exclusive products. Each initiative must, in fact, offer personalized content based on consumers’ preferences and buying behaviours.

What technological innovations should be prioritized to satisfy customers?

In a landscape where technology is in constant evolution, technological solutions have to be in line and coherent with the strategic directions and visions of the brand.

Who are our customers, and which needs drive them when in store?

Simply “knowing” customers and their buying behaviours does not necessarily guarantee the success of the business. The key factor for success is to know how to evolve and improve the business activities by satisfying customers’ needs and anticipating upcoming trends.

What role do brick-and-mortar stores play in a world more and more digital?

In today’s world, consumers are used to having everything with a simple click.  Physical stores are now increasingly focusing on offering customers a unique and engaging buying experience.

Business advisory services

We support our clients in the development of effective strategies aimed at unleashing their full growth potential.

Data & analytics

We adopt a bottom-up approach when defining a strategy: our strategic intuition is always supported by advanced analyses and data.


We support our clients in the implementation of the strategy and business solutions we design for them.

Short-term loyalty campaigns

  • BCM campaigns

  • Self liquidating

  • Contests

  • Operations with guaranteed prizes

Long-term loyalty campaigns

  • Rewards Catalogues

  • Physical rewards, partnerships, cashbacks

  • Program platform reward shop

  • Personalized advanced engagement platform

  • Gamification platform

  • Loyalty as a media

  • Marketing automation

  • Home delivery and distribution centers

  • Customer service


  • Market Analysis

  • Trends Analysis

  • Target audience Analysis

  • Customer Needs Analysis

  • Brand analysis and positioning

  • Brand acquisition and reward selection

  • Partnership Building & Networking

  • Implementation & Management

Customer data insights

  • Shopping Behavioral segmentations

  • Consumers Locations Profiling

  • Propensity Models

  • Attribution Models

Location data insights

  • Site Evaluations

  • Sales network expansions

  • Competitions analysis

Media mix and leaflet optimization

  • Leaflet distribution Optimization

  • Leaflet distribution cut cost

  • Media mix Optimization

Performance and reporting

  • Forecasting

  • Progress report

  • KPI monitoring

  • Gradability analysis

  • Survey and market surveys

Operations & Logistic

  • Volume forecasting

  • Receipt and quality control of goods

  • Stock and inventory management

  • Processing and packaging of goods

  • Delivery management and final shipments to customers

  • Returns management

  • Reporting and flow analysis

CRM and technological change

  • CRM platform integration

  • CRM strategy and execution

  • Database construction

  • CRM campaign and ROI maximization

Store segmentation



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