The evolution driven by technology

Tourism and transportation industries are evolving due to the technological evolution that have helped companies collect a more extensive volume of data and transform the customer experience leveraging on growing number of interactions. Tour operators, who are always seeking for new ways of improving sales, still find that physical distribution is their main source of business.
The evolution driven by technology


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

How to manage the increasing relevance of digital channels for customers?

The development of a customer journey across different touchpoints helps establish a continuous relationship with customers. The main challenge is to build an omnichannel strategy that integrates both digital and physical channels and is able to improve the buying and travel experience of the customer.

How to avoid profit margins dilution when consumers’ price awareness increases?

The evolution of the industry is encouraging the main players to develop new competitive factors based on the personalization of the offer and create relationships based on real-life experiences. This will allow companies to differentiate from their competitors and generate value for their consumers, without competing on price.

What is the new role of Intermediaries In the travel and tourism distribution channel?

Travel Agencies continue to be an extremely important part of the physical distribution system. Tour operators have the chance to take advantage of the Travel Agencies, by segmenting them, identifying their market potential and needs, and leveraging on innovative service models.

How to effectively allocate Sales & Marketing investments in a fragmented market?

The increase of both digital and physical touchpoints makes communication less effective and leads companies to divide their sales and marketing budget between different channels. As a result, it is important to measure the performance of each investment and understand how to maximize the brand’s exposure.

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Data & analytics

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CEO's and investors' agenda

  • Business planning & commercial due diligence

  • Budget optimization: marketing mix and multi-channel attribution models for the holistic measurement sales & marketing ROI

  • Go-to-market strategy

Market assessment & distribution

  • Market study and territory potential distribution analysis

  • Distribution networks: growth and optimization strategies

  • Sales Force Redesigning & performance management

  • E-commerce

  • Contact center

Customer experience evolution

  • Design of an omnichannel customer experience model

  • Interaction strategy and contact plan

  • Customer lifecycle analytics

  • IT & Big Data: strategy & implementation (CRM, Data lake, Marketing Automation, DMP, CMS, …)

Loyalty and engagement - design & implementation

  • Customer Loyalty Strategy: concept design of customer loyalty programs

  • Incentive programs design for retail stores and sales networks

  • UX and UI design development, platform implementation and ongoing program management

Revenue management

  • Competitors price analysis and estimation of price flexibility

  • Assessment and optimization of the product portfolio

  • Development of analytical pricing models

  • Definition of pricing and discount strategies

Marketing operations

  • Targeting and execution of multichannel campaigns on prospects and clients

  • Implementation of Business Intelligence tools and customer-centric dashboards

  • Reporting and monitoring sales & marketing activities

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