FMCG: the evolution of the market

The consumer goods market faces new challenges every day. The spread of digital and mobile channels, the need to create personalized, significant and multi-channel relationships with brands, entry into the markets of big players and start-up companies with innovative offerings and new operating models, and the use of technology, data and analytics as factors critical to success factors are the major structural changes to be addressed.
FMCG: the evolution of the market


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

How to handle Digital Transformation and redefine the operational model?

Mass-market and product-based companies must activate organizational and technological transformation processes to define new, increasingly digital, customer-centric operational models capable of responding to rapid market changes.

The engagement initiatives to develop in order to build significant and lasting relationships

Brands must adopt a human-based approach to progressively develop methods of engagement that start from the needs of consumers in relation to every touchpoint. The contact strategy has to involve innovative initiatives such as voice activation.

How to use data (also at geographical level), analytics and AI to generate value along the value chain?

The organized collection and use of internal and external data is essential in order to activate advanced analytics models and AI capable of generating insights that are useful for businesses and guiding sales and marketing decisions.

The key factors to the success of a go-to-market strategy

Data and analytics are essential to the optimization of time and market investments and for the definition of sustainable commercial development strategies. Sales channel and salesforce incentives are key elements in the execution of a go-to-market strategy and for achieving corporate goals.

Business advisory services

We support our clients in the development of effective strategies aimed at unleashing their full growth potential.

Data & analytics

We adopt a bottom-up approach when defining a strategy: our strategic intuition is always supported by advanced analyses and data.


We support our clients in the implementation of the strategy and business solutions we design for them.

Direct to consumer strategy

  • CRM & CVM vision

  • Definition of Consumer journey

  • Data collection plan

  • Marketing DB

  • Consumer analytics & insights

  • Contact strategy and policy

  • Marketing automation & reporting

Direct to consumer activation

  • Planning and implementation of initiatives with digital and physical rewards

  • Creative support

  • Definition and implementation of the in-store and digital communication plan

  • Production of in-store POP communication materials

Trade optimization & boost

  • Horeca, Normal Trade and mass retail mapping

  • Enrichment from digital and mobile sources

  • Data-driven segmentation

  • Sell-out potential by product category

  • Location intelligence tools for the trade

  • Tactical segment plan

  • Visit strategy

  • Budget trade marketing and B2B2C marketing initiatives

Trade incentive

  • Trade clustering on data-driven and potential segmentation

  • Definition of incentive actions and target

  • Identification of physical/digital rewards

  • Ongoing program management

  • Customizable tools for management of trade marketing and trade

  • Reporting

Sales optimization & boost

  • Network sales and quick win assessment

  • Ideal sales strategy

  • Sales network design

  • Territory management & routing

  • Territorial development plan and prospecting tools

  • Field data collection tools

  • Location intelligence tools for the sales force

  • Sales monitoring

Sales incentive

  • Sales network clustering and definition of core and non-core goals

  • Definition of incentive actions and target

  • Identification of physical/digital rewards

  • Ongoing program management

  • Sales management and customizable network tools

  • Reporting

Data-driven segmentation of the HORECA channel



Business advisory - Location analytics