The new dynamics of the industry

The industrial goods market is going through a major change in terms of customers’ perspective and technological innovation: the market is increasingly adopting B2C dynamics and digital, analytics and IoT are becoming the new strategic levers.

The increase in data availability, computing capacity enhancement and increased connectivity help B2B companies generate value through innovative products and services.
The new dynamics of the industry


The obstacles to be overcome by companies to speed up business dynamics and compete on the market.

How to optimize relationships with customers or suppliers?

Each client is evaluated on a specific set of variables such as its economic income and its potential value. Thanks to data analysis, the customer base segmentation and the propensity-to-buy models, it is possible to develop targeted CRM strategies.

How to manage price?

Price is a more and more dynamic lever. With the help of data analytics, it is now possible to efficiently manage discount policies for each product type, analyze price waterfalls, and develop pricing systems in line with the customer profile.

How to efficiently re-define sales network?

Sales agents performances are not always consistent and comparable. Analyzing each performance at a micro-territorial level enables the optimization of sales networks, through the redefinition of the areas of competencies, incentive programs and sales routing assignments.

In which areas should companies concentrate their investments?

Understanding the business performance and customers’ behavior at a micro-territorial level helps identify market most profitable areas.

In addition, by integrating sales data, it is possible to define territorial development strategies.

Business advisory services

We support our clients in the development of effective strategies aimed at unleashing their full growth potential.

Data & analytics

We adopt a bottom-up approach when defining a strategy: our strategic intuition is always supported by advanced analyses and data.


We support our clients in the implementation of the strategy and business solutions we design for them.


B2B and B2B2C customer experience

We improve the customer experience through:

  • Mapping and evaluating of touchpoints vs. customers

  • Internal and external assessments to identify critical areas

  • Re-design of the CX model

  • Improvement of the roadmap definition

Market assessment & distribution

We define development strategies on a territorial level based on internal performances and areas potential with:

  • Socio-demo segmentation

  • Potential estimation at micro-territorial level through geo-intelligence tools

  • Identification of areas of development

Logistics & commercial network optimization

Increase salesforce efficiency and reduce organizations’ logistics costs with:

  • Optimal allocation of customers with sales / distribution channels

  • Optimization of assigned areas

  • Optimization of sales routing assignments

Advanced pricing strategy

We help define pricing strategy with:

  • The construction of sensitivity estimation models for the price of the Key Value Products or product range

  • Targeted interventions on prices / discounts on products, customers, geographical areas and stores

Go2market strategy and competition analysis

We define the value proposition through:

  • Market strategies and introduction of innovative sales channels

  • Market benchmark analysis and best practice detection

  • Redefinition of strategic positioning, offers and service levels

Customer incentives and loyalty programs

We stimulate sales network performance and retain customers by:

  • Aligning sales force behaviors with commercial objectives

  • Developing end-to-end loyalty strategy management (design, mechanics, implementation, rewards management)


We provide tools for strategic and operational information management:

  • Implementation of the tool (Salesforce, Dynamics, ..)

  • Campaign management

  • Data cleansing and deduplication

  • Use of advanced potential

Business process reengineering

We support clients in business processes mapping and weak areas detection, with the goal of re-designing and optimizing business activities.

Advanced analytics and business intelligence

We support organizations in understanding available data by leveraging on specific and advanced analysis tools.

Lead management

We help organizations structure and optimize lead management:

  • Reorganization of end-to-end processes, depending on the contact and sales channel

  • Creation of monitoring dashboards

  • Targeted search for prospects

Digital transformation

We help organizations introduce and develop new technological and managerial solutions for the digital growth of their business.

Business development

We help organizations develop business opportunities:

  • Assessment of the main players, solutions in the market and internal skills

  • Definition of evolutionary scenarios and objectives to be achieved

  • Definition of the Business Model and strategic roadmap

Customer-centric experience

Industrial goods


Business advisory - Experience design